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“Google Analytics has recently introduced the new start page, but Hackermetrics is still better. Clear, concise set of data that is displayed in a beautiful way. I use it as a default dashboard to measure my marketing activities.”

Paul Skah
Branding specialist. Public speaker. Best selling author

Wrocław, Poland -

“The HackerMetrics platform takes your overwhelming piles of Google Analytics data and gives it a makeover, creating gorgeous real-time reports based on your exact needs. It’s like Google Analytics’ publicity agent and personal stylist — and your new best friend.”

Helen Irias
Staff Writer at The Real Daily & Silicon Valley Marketer

San Francisco, USA - Read Review

“Google Analytics is an incredible tool to measure the performance of its website. A tool of incomparable power for who knows how to find the right measure and the right information. HackerMetrics is for everyone else. Those who wish at a quick glance have the set of key audience criteria for their site.”

Fidel Navamuel
Respected Tech Journalist @ Les Outils du Web

Paris, France - Read Review

We do the hard work so you don't have to

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, SaaS owner or agency. No matter what you do HackerMetrics can help you understand your data

Simplified - Login with just one click. No more configuring dashboards, HackerMetrics generates reports containing key metrics in seconds.

Beautiful - HackerMetrics allows you to simply glance at the screen to see how your metrics are doing. #dataisbeautiful

Available Where You Are - With the dashboard available everywhere, daily emails, and Apple Watch, Alexa and Google Home apps coming soon, HackerMetrics is everywhere you need it to be.

Logging in everyday is a pain. Hackermetrics sends you daily, weekly and monthly email updates on all your metrics so you are always up to date.

Customisable. Change the layout of your dashboards. Edit what emails you receive. You have full control over how you view your metrics.

Secure. HackerMetrics doesn't store any of your analytics data. Rest assured that your data is safe.

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Free for 7 Days. Subscribe for $12 Monthly. Cancel Anytime