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“Google Analytics has recently introduced the new start page, but Hackermetrics is still better. Clear, concise set of data that is displayed in a beautiful way. I use it as a default dashboard to measure my marketing activities.”

Paul Skah - Branding specialist. Public speaker. Best selling author

“The HackerMetrics platform takes your overwhelming piles of Google Analytics data and gives it a makeover, creating gorgeous real-time reports based on your exact needs. It’s like Google Analytics’ publicity agent and personal stylist — and your new best friend.”

Helen Irias - Staff Writer at The Real Daily & Silicon Valley Marketer Read Review

“Google Analytics is an incredible tool to measure the performance of its website. A tool of incomparable power for who knows how to find the right measure and the right information. HackerMetrics is for everyone else. Those who wish at a quick glance have the set of key audience criteria for their site.”

Fidel Navamuel - Respected Tech Journalist @ Les Outils du Web Read Review

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